Strain Rate Characterization of AHSS


Project Summary

High Rate Tensile Test

In support of the Auto/Steel Partnership (A/S-P), Strain Rate Characterization Project, ORNL have conducted high rate experimental tensile tests and analysis of base materials. The objective of the test program wass to provide the necessary experimental data in support of the A/S-P efforts to determine high-strain-rate mechanical properties of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). The experiments and data will also enable better predictive modeling of base materials for finite element crash modeling.

The test program consists of testing tensile specimens under strain rates of quasi-static, 0.1/s, 1/s, 10/s, 100/s, and maximum strain rates achievable in full open loop configuration. The tests are conducted on the new custom designed hydraulic test equipment at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. All the tests are conducted using the same apparatus.

For a chosen effective gage length, the equipment is programmed to run non-linear velocities in the drive file to achieve global strain control (engineering or true strain rate as desired). High-speed video recording provides detailed record of the test as well as displacement data for strain measurements.


Project background information