Crash Tests Simulations: Simulations using developed models.

The primary objective of the simulations is to determine the overall fidelity of the tractor and tractor-semitrailer FE models by comparing simulation vehicle response with real vehicle response. Crash test data from a number of full-scale crash tests involving tractor and tractor-semitrailer impacts into roadside safety barriers were used. The data obtained from these reports were used as a gauge to measure model fidelity.

There were several versions of the tractor and the trailer FE models developed throughout the course of this work. The level of development of each of the FE models is tied directly to availability of full scale crash test data. A long wheelbase sleeper cab tractor was developed from NCAC's original tractor-only FE model. This tractor model was modified to reflect NCAC's full scale tractor-only crash test (No.03008) and validated against that test. To date the accuracy of the combined tractor-semitrailer model has been assessed by comparing analysis results against two full scale crash tests: MwRSF Test TL5CMB2 and TTI Test 7069-13. In each case, the baseline models of the tractor and semitrailer were modified to be similar to the test vehicles' length dimensions and mass properties.

All assessments of the models' results have so far been done by comparison to redirective type impacts with longitudinal rigid barriers (e.g., impact speed and angle of 80 km/hr and 15 degrees, respectively). The simulation results have indicated that this tractor-semitrailer FE model is reasonably valid for this type of crash simulation and that it will provide useful results in general barrier design evaluation work, regarding impact loads and general vehicle-barrier interaction. The model has not, however, been assessed for use in other applications, such as high-energy impacts (e.g., full frontal impact with bridge pier), general vehicle dynamics (e.g., vehicle response due to steer maneuvers) or vehicle-to-vehicle impacts.

Federal Outdoor Impact Laboratory Test 03008

The crash test simulation was run using the sleeper tractor model (version 07-1226b). The tractor model was slightly modified for this simulation by removing the exhaust and a section of the sleeper. [more]

Midwest Roadside Safety Facility Crash Test TL5CMB-2

The crash test simulation was run using day cab version of the tractor model with the wheelbase of the model was the same as the wheelbase of the test vehicle. [more]

Texas Transportation Institute Crash Test 7069-13

The crash test simulation used the tractor FEM model modified to match the wheelbase of the test vehicle used in TTI Test No. 7069-13. The FEM model of the trailer was modified to 45 ft. [more]

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