Crash Tests: Tests used for development and validation of the models.

To date the accuracy of the combined tractor-semitrailer model has been assessed by comparing analysis results against three full scale crash tests.

Federal Outdoor Impact Laboratory Test 03008

This test was run using a 1992 FLD120 Freightliner Tractor (without a trailer) impacting a rigid 34-inch concrete F-shape barrier at 50 kph (31 mph) at an impact angle of 25 degrees. The tractor's mass was 14,683 lbs, and its wheelbase was 215 inches.

Midwest Roadside Safety Facility Crash Test TL5CMB-2

The test involved a 79,705-lb (36,153-kg) tractor-semitrailer vehicle impacting a concrete median barrier at 52.7 mph (84.9 km/hr) and impact angle of 15.4 degrees. The test vehicle was a 1991 White GMC tractor with a 1988 Pines 48-ft (14.6-m) semitrailer. The test article was a 42 inch (1.067 m) tall concrete median barrier with an installation length of 200 ft (60.9 m).

Texas Transportation Institute Crash Test 7069-13

The test involved a 1979 International TranStar 4200 tractor with a 1977 Pullman van-trailer ballasted to 50,050 lb (22723 kg) impacting the barrier at 51.4 miles per hour (82.7 km/hr) and 16.2 degrees. The installation length of the barrier was 100 ft (30 m), and the impact point was 24 ft (7.3 m) from the upstream end.

The corresponding simulations can be found in Simulation section.


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